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About Us


Chartered by the National AFL-CIO, we are a coalition of local unions from various public and private sectors across western Connecticut. Collaborating with our four Central Labor Chapters, our purpose is to build and support a more visible and bold labor movement. We strive to achieve economic justice by mobilizing members and community partners to advance the interests of labor and working families.


Created in 2017, Western CT Area Labor Federation (WCALF) was formed as an umbrella organization to support Central Labor Councils, now referred to as Chapters. The four Chapters are Danbury Central Labor Chapter, Western Connecticut Central Labor Coalition, Greater New Haven Central Labor Chapter, & Fairfield County Central Labor Chapter. By combining the resources of our Chapters into one organization, we have been able to hire staff to better facilitate our mission.


WCALF stretches across 72 towns in western Connecticut. WCALF executive board and delegates meet every month on the 3rd Thursday, rotating the location throughout our jurisdiction. WCALF meetings involve discussion of relevant political and labor topics as well as decisions regarding the organization. Chapter meetings discuss issues and activities at a local level. Please visit our Calendar of Events for a schedule of WCALF & Chapter meetings.